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KAMAWANU Global Online Store Open

KAMAWANU CO., LTD. (CEO: Kazuhiro Kato, Head Office: Shibuya, Tokyo) is pleased to announce the opening of its new cross-border e-commerce site "KAMAWANU Global Online Store" on March 1st, 2022.

Before the start of COVID-19, customers living overseas were able to see the actual products in the stores and shop, but now that KAMAWANU has entered the age of the new normal and the environment has changed drastically, KAMAWANU's products are only available in a limited number of stores overseas. In addition, KAMAWANU has been receiving many requests from overseas users to purchase products through the official online store and SNS. With this opportunity, KAMAWANU has decided to open a global online site "KAMAWANU Global Online Store" with the hope of "communicating and delivering" made-in-Japan items to users around the world.
The product lineup consists of four categories: the mainstay tenugui, which has more than 100 types of classic and modern patterns; the cotton and linen tenugui, which is a pleasant blend of fabrics; the scarf, which can be used as a scarf or hair bandanna; and the pocket square, which is a pea-sized tenugui that can also be used as a cocktail chief.

Enhanced online content linked to SNS
Share the HOW TO USE of Tenugui with the worldwide

• What's "The Tenugui Times"?
KAMAWANU will set up "The Tenugui Times", a content linked to Instagram, on the online site. When customers post on Instagram with the hashtag #TenuguiTimes, it will appear on the corresponding page, and by sharing not only their own usage but also that of other users, the content will allow for two-way communication between the brand and users online.

• Sending out information on how to use tenugui according to the scene.
On this website, KAMAWANU will sequentially release videos specializing in "how to use". The videos will suggest how to use them in daily life, focusing on dining, kitchen, and fashion. Even those who are new to using tenugui can discover easy-to-understand stylings and ideas.