Cross Ju-Monji – KAMAWANU - Japanese Tenugui Towel


Cross Ju-Monji
Cross Ju-Monji
Cross Ju-Monji
Cross Ju-Monji
Cross Ju-Monji

Cross Ju-Monji

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A warm and simple pattern like Sashiko embroideries. Not only is it easy to use in the kitchen or living room, you can also use it as a handkerchief or as material for handicrafts. As this pattern looks like plus sign (+) with positive vibes, you can also carry it as a lucky charm. Perfect for a gift.

Our Tenugui towel are dyed by hand by craftsmen using a dyeing technique called CHUSEN.

Item no : 06119437

Size for USA : Approximately 13 inch. wide and 35 inch. long
Size for World : Approximately 33cm. wide and 90cm. long

Material : 100% Cotton

Made in Japan

How to use.

How to care.


  • Colors: Images 1 and 2 are closer in color to the actual product.
  • Colors of the actual product may vary depending on the settings on your screen
  • Slight differences in color are inherent to the nature of the raw materials and dyeing technique used to make the tenugui
  • The odor of the dyes sometimes remains, but it will get more faint as you use the product. For more information, please check here.
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