Christmas Special Tenugui Towels – KAMAWANU - Japanese Tenugui Towel


Christmas Special Tenugui Towels

Christmas patterns are now available for tenugui dyed with "Chusen," a traditional Japanese dyeing technique!
There is a pattern inspired by Japanese Christmas and an all-over pattern that is easy to use as a cutlery case.
Tenugui can be used as napkins or as sustainable wrapping for wine. Please check them out!


Christmas poinsettia Tenugui Towel

Christmas poinsettia

Poinsettia, a typical Christmas plant, is arranged in a checkerboard pattern. It has the feel of wrapping paper, so we recommend using it as eco-friendly wrapping for gifts.

Christmas Stockings Tenugui Towel

Christmas Stockings

A large sock awaits Santa's gift and prepares for it. The bold yet warm wintery colors are easy to incorporate into your interior design. Note the snowman peeking out from his little face.

Christmas in Japan Tenugui Towel

Christmas in Japan

Fuji, a famous landmark in Japan, and Santa Claus are beautifully matched in this pattern. If you look closely, you can see that the reindeer's nose is bright red, just like in the nursery song.

Christmas forest Tenugui Towel

Christmas forest

Trees and animals in a winter forest are depicted with a cutout touch. With its warm colors, this piece can be displayed long into the winter months. 9 squirrels are hidden in this piece, so look for them as if you were in a storybook. The design also looks cute wrapped around a box of tissues.

Christmas Star 

The stars are drawn with fine grains like Edo komon. This piece is easy to use not only for carrying around, but also for laying or wrapping, and shows off a gorgeous yellow color.

Christmas Fir tree Tenugui Towel

Christmas Fir tree

The fir tree, which is unique to Christmas, is represented by a small pattern in the shape of a rhombus, a traditional Japanese pattern.

Christmas Christmas Arrangement Tenugui Towel

Christmas Christmas Arrangement

A floral arrangement of plants is made into a beautiful pattern like a paper cutout. It fits well with a quiet and mature Christmas decorations.

Christmas Snowflake Christmas Dark green Tenugui Towel

Christmas Snowflake Christmas Dark green

Christmas motifs are depicted with a rustic touch in a snow pattern that resembles Kumiko work. The gentle and calm atmosphere is perfect for a casual Christmas decoration.

Christmas Japanese christmas tree tTenugui Towel

Christmas Japanese christmas tree

This is a Kamawanu Christmas tree decorated with "Japanese" ornaments. It fits perfectly in a Japanese-style room and adds excitement to Christmas.