• How to use tenugui towels : 3ways to a style tenugui bandana

    We would like to introduce an easy way to wrap and wear a tenugui that can be easily adapted to your everyday styling.
  • Season Special : Autumn Design Tenugui Towels and Furoshiki

    The dusk is gradually falling earlier and earlier, and the sounds of autumn insects are beginning to be heard.
    Although the lingering summer heat continues, we hope you will enjoy the brief autumn scenery with brightly colored autumn tenugui to accent your dining table, rooms, and other surroundings.
  • Arimatsu Shibori Tenugui Towel

     In Japan, there are traditional dyeing techniques such as Chusen (hand-dyeing), Indigo dyeing, and Yuzen dyeing. 

    The tenugui towels we would like to introduce to you are dyed using a technique called "Arimatsu-shibori.

  • How to use tenugui towels : Let's go out with tenugui towels!

    Do you like to travel?

    If you like to travel, we would like to recommend tenugui towels to you! Many of you may be planning to go away for the first time in a while. In this issue, we would like to introduce some useful ways to use tenugui towels on your trip.
  • Product Special : " What Will You Do, Ieyasu?" Logo Licensed Products

    This is a licensed product of the historical drama " What Will You Do, Ieyasu?" broadcasted on Japanese public broadcasting station.

  • The ABCs of Tenugui Towel : How to Fold

    How do you fold your tenugui towels?

    It seems that everyone has their own "special way" of folding tenugui, depending on how they use it or what they have in their bags, etc.

    We would like to introduce "how to fold" according to the usage.
  • How to use Tenugui Towel : Beat the summer! Measures against heat

    Summer is in full swing! It's time to use tenugui towel.
    We will introduce various ways to use tenugui towel, which are unique to summer.
  • Tenugui Towel News "KAMAWANU" meets "noma"

    Tenugui specialty brand "KAMAWANU" has cooperated with "noma" pop-up held at Ace Hotel Kyoto on installation production.

  • Tenugui Towel Trivia : The design of Kamawanu

    There are a variety of colors that are easy to incorporate into everyday life, and fun designs that enrich our lives a little. What kinds of products are available?
  • Season Special : Summer Design Tenugui Towels

    A new collection of summer-patterned tenugui towels is arriving for release in 2023!
    These tenugui towels are suitable for use throughout the year, regardless of the season, and are perfect for small greetings and gifts, while the new tenugui towel remind us of the early arrival of cool summer.


  • Product Special : Fortune Tenugui Towel Book

    The Fortune Tenugui Towel Book, a fun item that lets you know what pattern you'll receive only after you open the envelope.

    Fortune cookies contain a small fortune inside the cookie. The excitement of opening the package and the message of the fortune will make your heart skip a beat.

  • New Product Special : Tenugui Towel Tapestry

    An artistic new product collection is now available. It is a tenugui tapestry.This tapestry comes complete with a set of tenugui towel and wooden stick. And you do not need to do anything to set it up.

    You can exchange your tenugui towel. Thus, you can enjoy decorating with various designs for each season.