• How to wear a kendo tenugui towel

    This article will introduce the actual procedure for wearing the kendo headgear.
    It takes tricks and practice to be able to wear it so that it fits your head!

  • Georgia & Kamawanu” bento furoshiki (lunch box) is now available.

    Collaboration furoshiki by Georgia and Kamawanu.
    Georgia & Kamawanu” bento furoshiki (lunch box) is now available.
  • Tenugui-Towel-Long <Tenugui Towel for Kendo>

    Approximately 98 cm in length, this tenugui towel is especially suitable for kendo. Made of 100% cotton, it is thin but highly absorbent and portable. It is ideal for removing sweat during training and for protecting the Kendo Bogu from perspiration. You would not be able to train kendo without this excellent tenugui towel!
  • Tenugui Towel for Kendo

    Kendo is one of the most prestigious of the Japanese martial arts and is a traditional sport that emphasizes physical and mental training.Tenugui towel is an indispensable tool for kendo.In this column, we would like to introduce the role and design of tenugui towels in kendo.
  • How-to: Make a Scarf Out of Tenugui Towel 

    Tenugui towels have many uses as they are, but you can broaden the range of their uses by adding a few touches. Here are step-by-step how to make hand-sewn accessories using a tenugui towel.
  • Spring Design Tenugui Towels

    Why don't you feel the gentle transition of the warm season, from the greetings of early spring to the peach festival and the blooming of cherry blossoms, by using tenugui  towels?

  • The Making of Oishii Furoshiki

    Kamawanu's small furoshiki series "Oishii Furoshiki" debuted over 10 years ago this year!

    This is a report on a tour of a factory that produces furoshiki cloth, which is dyed by a technique called "te-nassen" (hand dyeing).
  • Kamawanu Tenugui Towels Ranking 2023

    December has come early, the end of the year.
    Looking back on the past year, we would like to announce the "Kamawanu Tenugui Towel Popularity Ranking 2023"!

  • Tenugui Towel Trivia The Meaning and Origin of the Patterns

    Did you know that each of the classical and auspicious patterns used in tenugui towel designs has its own meaning?

    This time, we would like to introduce the patterns that mean "good luck" from Kamawanu's designs.

  • How to use tenugui towels : Here's What You'll Find On Kamawanu's 2023 Holiday Collection

    In our country, Japan, there is the word "Omotenashi".
    In this column, we will explore methods of hospitality for holiday parties using hand towels, blending traditional Japanese values with a modern touch.
  • Holiday Season Recommendations:Cocktail Napkins & Table Runner

    This is a set of five value-priced cocktail napkins that will brighten up any party.
  • How to use tenugui towels : 3ways to a style tenugui bandana

    We would like to introduce an easy way to wrap and wear a tenugui that can be easily adapted to your everyday styling.