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How to wear a kendo tenugui towel

In the previous issue of “Kendo and Tenugui Towels,” we reported on using tenugui towels in the sport of kendo and the meaning of their patterns.

This article will introduce the actual procedure for wearing the kendo headgear. This way of wearing the headband fits snugly on the head, so there is less chance of sweat dripping down the head. This is the recommended way to wear it for cooking and sports activities.

It takes tricks and practice to be able to wear it so that it fits your head!

1. Hold both ends of the top of the tenugui towel and spread it horizontally.

2. Hold both left and right corners, and bring the tenugui towel backward along the head as if scratching up the front of the hair. *Maintain a tense condition until all the steps are completed so both ends of the tenugui towel are taut.

3. Fold the tenugui towel over so that both ends are taut and lifted slightly upward.

4. Bring it before your face while keeping it along your head. At this time, the ears should be out of the tenugui towel.

5. Move your right hand up to the top of your left ear while keeping the tenugui towel snugly along your forehead.

6. While holding the tenugui towel with your right fingers, move your left hand to the area above your right ear. When the left-hand reaches the center of the forehead, gently release the right finger holding the tenugui towel. At this point, hold the end of the roll in place with your right finger.

7. Lift the part hanging in front of the face to the top of the head. Fold the tip so the tenugui towel does not protrude from the back of the head.

Finish by arranging!

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This is the way to wear it when wearing protective gear, but in everyday life, you can wrap it around your cap style for a perfect fit and to wick away sweat. Let's get comfortable living with a tenugui towel!


Wearing it too tightly wrapped around the head for an extended period may cause pain in the temple area.