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Spring Design Tenugui Towels Special

It is the time of year when the cold streets are gradually sprouting green and the sun is gradually warming up. It is a season to enjoy the colors of spring at the dinner table and to go outside to look for the arrival of spring. Why don't you feel the gentle transition of the warm season, from the greetings of early spring to the peach festival and the blooming of cherry blossoms, with our tenugui towels?

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This is a limited-quantity product. Please note that this product will be discontinued as soon as it is gone.

Asparagus Tenugui Towel


The pattern is a row of asparagus with a fresh green color on a white background. It is a simple pattern that fits well in the kitchen.


Spring vegetables Tenugui Towel


Spring vegetables

Seasonal spring vegetables are arranged on tenugui towels. The freshness of the vegetables is expressed by using blurred dyeing. Display it in your kitchen or living room to enjoy the rich colors of spring in your home. It is also a perfect gift for those who run a restaurant or for those who love cooking.


Olive Tenugui Towel



Olives are popular both as an ornamental green and as a cooking ingredient. The vivid green color of olives, which begin to grow in spring, is a delight to the eye. We recommend this tenugui towel for use in the kitchen or at the dining table, as well as for interior decoration to add color to your green life. It can be used as a gift to wrap olive oil or ingredients for those who love cooking, or as a luncheon mat.


Lemon Tenugui Towel



Today, lemons are not well known for their season as they are distributed throughout the year, but they are actually in season from winter to spring. This freshly designed tenugui towel can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, such as garnishing spring dishes or decorating frames.


Wildflowers Tenugui Towel



This tenugui towel has designs of plants that color the fields in spring, such as hortensia, nazuna, dogtooth violet, white clover, violets, spider lilies, dandelions, and dandelions.


Spring Leaves Tenugui Towel


Spring Leaves

This tenugui towel has a fresh, bright green color. Two pieces of patterned paper were used to dye the overlapping leaves when looking up at the trees and the glistening sunlight shining through the trees.


White Clover Tenugui Towel


White Clover

Another name for clover, the name comes from the glass cushioning material brought from Holland during the Edo period. You can enjoy the atmosphere of spring by wrapping a gift or wrapping it around your head like a flower crown.


Spirea Tenugui Towel



Kodemari" (the name means "small hand ball" in Japanese) is so named because of its small, round, ball-like flowers. The language of flowers is "friendship. It is a wonderful gift for your friends.


Tulip Tenugui Towel



The contrast between the multicolored flowers and green is striking, and the design is cloaked in a nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of old-fashioned wrapping paper. It is recommended not only as an interior decoration to enjoy spring, but also as an item to create a retro mood.


Mimosa Tenugui Towel



For dining, going out, and interior decoration. The fresh, spring-like mimosa pattern can be used in a variety of situations. Mimosa Day," when men send flowers to women, is also celebrated, making this tenugui towel an easy choice for springtime gifts.