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How to Use Tenugui Towel :How to Wrap This and That

Among the many ways to use tenugui towel, we would like to introduce "how to wrap" this time.

Tenugui towel is an excellent item that can be used to wrap a variety of things, taking advantage of its long and thin shape.

It can be used for everything from everyday use to parties, and can be enjoyed depending on the occasion.

Tenugui towel wrapping kills two birds with one stone by allowing you to use your own tenugui toqwel cloths instead of having to go to the trouble of preparing special ones! Why don't you try it?

Bento Wrappers>

Many people use "bento wrappers". The narrow width of the cloth may seem difficult to wrap, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to wrap bento boxes of various shapes. Another good point is that tenugui towel cloth can be easily washed.

Why not use seasonal You will definitely be excited even before you open your lunch box.

How to wrap a Bento box


Tissue boxes, which are a necessity but can be a distraction from daily life, can be made into stylish interior decor by choosing a pattern of your choice and wrapping them in it. Simply fold the tenugui towel in half and tie the ends together.


Wrapping in Furoshiki with 2 Tenugui Towels>

Using two tenugui towel cloths will greatly increase the size of the item you can wrap. Simply overlap the ends of the tenugui towel cloth slightly, place the item you wish to wrap in the center, and wrap it diagonally! This is recommended for wrapping a change of clothes to take on a trip.

Easy without sewing "Tenugui Towel as a Furoshiki (wrapping cloth)!


<Cutlery case>

This is an easy way to wrap cutlery for Table settings. After the cutlery is removed, it can be used as a napkin.

How to fold napkins "How to make a tenugui towel cutlery case

Hot drinks will be in short supply during the cold season. Wrap a hot cup in a tenugui towel and you have a "drink holder"!

This was an easy and enjoyable arrangement of how to use tenugui towel.

Why don't you try your own original way of wrapping them?