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Season's Recommendations : Cherry Blossoms

These days, we long for the arrival of spring.

Cherry blossoms, in particular, are one of the flowers that have captured the hearts of the Japanese people. Why don't you enjoy decorating tenugui towel with various expressions of flowers? In this issue, we would like to introduce "how to decorate tenugui towel this or that".


A tenugui towel can be framed and displayed like a painting, making it a wonderful interior decoration. You can also display it on a shelf or on the floor without hanging it on the wall, so you can enjoy it without a wall hook.

Tenugui towels are so thin that you can use your own frame instead of a special frame!

Enjoy the four seasons of Japan by changing the pattern for each season.

>Let's frame and decorate a tenugui towel!



Simply by placing the top and bottom of the tapestry between the special tapestry rods, a wall-hanging tapestry is completed.

This is an item that can be used in both Japanese and Western-style rooms.

>Let's decorate a tenugui towel tapestry!


<Fabric panels>

Fabric panels can be enjoyed even in a small space. Even a single tenugui towel can be used to create a different atmosphere depending on where the pattern is placed. Even if you do not have a special kit, you can use a paper box with a lid as a substitute, making it very easy to use.

Let's decorate fabric panels easily with paper boxes!


Easy fabric panel with paper box

Tenugui Towel Panel Kit


You only need 2 tenugui towels to make a Noren. You can sew a full-fledged Noren, but if you make a simple Noren with masking tape, you can return to using tenugui towels after the season is over.


<Cafe Curtain>

Hang the selvedge of the tenugui towel between the clip-type hooks to create a "café curtain"! Perfect for blindfolding small windows.



Just changing your everyday tenugui towels, such as towel holders and blindfold cloths around the kitchen, to cherry blossom-patterned towels will lift your mood.

Why don't you decorate your home with cherry blossom tenugui towels to welcome spring?