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Product Special : Fortune Tenugui Towel Book

The Fortune Tenugui Towel Book, a fun item that lets you know what pattern you'll receive only after you open the envelope.

Fortune cookies contain a small fortune inside the cookie. The excitement of opening the package and the message of the fortune will make your heart skip a beat.

Our "Fortune Tenugui Book" includes a message card just like our fortune cookies. This message card has a message with the same meaning as the pattern on the tenugui towel. The motifs and patterns on the tenugui have various auspicious meanings. For example, "Seigaiha(blue ocean waves)" is patterned after ocean waves. Inspired by the endless waves, it expresses the wish for long-lasting happiness.

The tenugui towels in the Fortune Tenugui Towel Book are selected from the most japanese lucky charm among tenugui towels, and are recommended as gifts for your beloved family members and friends.

You will not know the pattern of the tenugui towel inside until you open it, but you have a choice of 5 colors: blue, green, purple, yellow, and red. Just as the pattern of the tenugui towel has a meaning, the "color" also has various meanings and wishes.

Blue: This color is so familiar to us Japanese that it is called "Japan blue". It gives a calm impression.

Green: This color evokes the strength of plants, insects, and vegetables that grow on the earth. It gives a sense of security and calmness.

Purple: About 1,400 years ago in Japan, purple was considered the noblest color. It is still used today as a color that gives elegance and dignity.

Yellow: This color reminds us of bright things such as light and flowers.It makes it exciting and creates a joyful mood.

Red:Red is also used in our Japanese flag as the country of the rising sun.It reminds us of the sun and flames. It has long been believed to have the power to ward off evil.



Fortune Tenugui Towel Book is not just a tenugui towel, but an item that warms your heart and encourages you to look forward to your future.