Season Special : Summer Design Tenugui Towels – KAMAWANU - Japanese Tenugui Towel


Season Special : Summer Design Tenugui Towels

A new collection of summer-patterned tenugui towels is arriving for release in 2023!
These tenugui towels are suitable for use throughout the year, regardless of the season, and are perfect for small greetings and gifts, while the new tenugui towel remind us of the early arrival of cool summer.

Summer Vegetables Irodori-Natsu-Yasai

This tenugui towel is designed with an illustration of summer vegetables drawn in a way that is lively and full of life. It is a colorful summer vegetable shining in the summer sun, with distinct colors and shapes, overflowing with strength and vigorous energy.


In China, it was introduced from the western part of the country and came to be called xiouli (meaning "melon of the west"). Japan followed suit and began writing the name "Suika (westen watermelon).Watermelon is a summer treat in Japan, and some Japanese eat watermelon with salt. When folded into a triangle, it looks just like a watermelon.When folded into a triangle, it looks exactly like a watermelon.


Corn is called by different names in different regions of Japan. About 250 different names for corn have been identified. This is a bold and playful design. Wrapped in this tenugui towel ,anything can look like corn.It is a playful design that makes anything you wrap look like corn.

Melon Soda Float

This unique tenugui towel features a large drawing of a cream soda, a traditional Japanese coffee shop staple. The retro Japanese atmosphere is recommended for coffee shop lovers.

Cut Glass  Kiriko

This tenugui towel is designed with a pattern of beautiful faceted work, a traditional Japanese craft. Edo Kiriko and Satsuma Kiriko are well-known in Japan, but there is a big difference between the two due to their manufacturing methods.

Seal Nap

This tenugui towel depicts the relaxing appearance of the popular spotted seals at the aquarium. The baby seals' expressions in various places are fascinating. It is a cool and relaxing tenugui towel that makes you want to take a nap with them.

Pop-eyed Goldfish

Goldfish have been popular with the general public as an ornamental fish since the Edo period. The sight of goldfish swimming gracefully in the water makes us forget the summer heat for a little while.

Dragonfly Dance Navy

Since ancient times, dragonflies have been loved in Japan as a lucky charm for victory because they only fly forward. The dragonfly was designed to look like a dynamic composition of a yukata.

Morning Glory Festival

This tenugui towel features a design of lively morning glory flowers from the famous morning glory market in downtown Tokyo. This tenugui towel offers a colorful and lively summer scene. 

In the evening Fuji Fireworks

Fuji and a gorgeous fireworks display are dynamically designed using two types of stencil paper and hand-dyed with time and care.