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Tenugui Towel Trivia : The design of Kamawanu

The designs we offer range from classic patterns passed down from generation to generation to Kamawanu original tenugui towels.

There are a variety of colors that are easy to incorporate into everyday life, and fun designs that enrich our lives a little. What kinds of products are available? We will introduce them here.

In 1987, when the first Kamawanu store was opened, towels had permeated daily life and the "Japanese Tenugui Towel" had nearly disappeared, being distributed only at festivals and New Year's events.

We want to pass on the good things of Japan that have been handed down from generation to generation.

With this in mind, Kamawanu has begun to produce tenugui towels with new designs.

<Simple Design>

We call designs inspired by the "Edo komon" popular in the Edo period (1603-1868) "modern komon".

We use motifs that are around us in our modern life, and arrange them or connect them. These designs are modern, but can be used in both Japanese and Western styles, and are easy to fit into daily life.

<Hobby Design>

Tenugui towels go perfectly with tools for hobbies such as outdoor activities and listening to music. Use it as a cloth to polish musical instruments and tools, or to enliven the time you spend enjoying your hobbies.

Bicycle / Alphabet Mint / Sewing Tool Sorting / Record / Glasses Sorting

New pattern: Records

A modern komon featuring a row of vinyl records, popular among young people due to the recent analog boom. It can also be used to keep dust away from music equipment.


New pattern: Megane Narabe

A row of round glasses are dyed in chic colors. This pattern goes well with suits and other business attire.


<Tasty tenugui towel>

Surprisingly, "fast food" has been familiar since the Edo period. The impatient Edo people favored quick meals such as sushi and soba noodles. Easy snacks such as coffee and dumplings are also popular as design icons, and the pattern is recommended when you want to take a breather.

New pattern: Potato chips

Oval stripes depict potato chips with a golden brown color. How about this for your snack time?

This time, we introduced a familiar pattern from "Kamawanu Designs".

At Kamawanu, we design new traditional patterns with the aim of "things that will still be loved 100 years from now. A variety of motifs and seasons are packed into one piece of sarashi fabric measuring 33 cm x 90 cm (1 shaku x 3 shaku).

We will continue to offer tenugui towels that you will want to choose from.