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How to use Tenugui Towel : Beat the summer! Measures against heat

Summer is in full swing! It's time to use tenugui towel.
We will introduce various ways to use tenugui towel, which are unique to summer.

Bottle wrapping

Clear bottles to freeze drinks and carry them around are now a summer staple. It is perfect for carrying green tea, lemon water, and other drinks that are cool to the eye. However, the problem is that the chilled bottles get wet if you put them straight into your bag.

In such cases, a tenugui towel is useful.
Just wrap it around your bag and it will protect your belongings from water droplets.

Click here for a video showing how to easily wrap a bottle.
Plastic bottles can also be wrapped easily. Please give it a try.


Sun shade

The coming season is a time of increased outdoor recreation. On sunny days, the sun shines relentlessly.

When you wear a tenugui towel under your hat, you can kill two birds with one stone by avoiding direct sunlight and allowing the wind to blow through! You also prevent sunburn around your neck.

Sweat Wipe

One of the most common uses of tenugui towels is as a sweat wipe.

Since they are lightweight and gentle on the skin, you can easily hang them around your neck and go out. Tenugui towel has the advantage of being available in a variety of designs and not showing any signs of life.

If you are worried about stains, wash them. In summer, it will dry in about an hour if you hang it outside.


Neck Wraps

Wrapping a tenugui towel around the neck is an easy and recommended way to use it.It is very convenient as a sunshade, of course, but also as a sweatshirt in summer.

Wrap it around a white T-shirt for a stylish accent. You can wrap it around while twisting it softly as shown in the photo, or tie it in front like a scarf. Wear the tenugui towel of your choice to lift your spirits!

Tenugui Towel Pattern: Irido-cloud

Cool and refreshing hand towels

We introduce a solution to the heat using a tenugui towel.
Wrap a frozen "jel ice pack" around it and you have a cool neck wrap with a cooling effect!
You can adjust the coolness of the cloth by overlapping the layers.

Also, if you freeze a wet and tightly wrung tenugui towel, you can make a frozen oshibori (hand towel).
Cutting it into half-size pieces makes it easier to handle.

Tenugui towel pattern: Kiriko


How was the information on arranging tenugui towels for summer?

One of its features is that it is not bulky. During the hot season, it is useful in various situations if you go out with two or three tenugui towels.

Let's get through summer with tenugui towels!