The ABCs of Tenugui Towel : How to Fold

How do you fold your tenugui towels?

It seems that everyone has their own "special way" of folding tenugui, depending on how they use it or what they have in their bags, etc.

We would like to introduce "how to fold" according to the usage.

<Basic folding>
Finished size : approx. 18 cm x 12 cm
Recommended usage : All purpose

The basic size of Kamawanu. Fold the long side into 5 equal parts and the short side into 3 equal parts. The result is the same shape as when you see kamawanu in the stores! The cut part is not shown on the front.

<Simple Folding>
Finished size: Approx. 17cm x 11cm
Recommended usage: In the pocket of jeans

This is easy!

Just fold the long side into 8 equal parts and the short side into 2 equal parts. You don't even need a desk to do it. You can choose whether or not you want the fringe at the ends.

>How to Fold Tenugui Towels "Simple Folding with Only a Fold in the Middle

<Handkerchief-Style Square>
Finished size: approx. 11cm x 12cm
Recommended usage: For small bags/handkerchiefs

This is a folding method in which the long side is folded into eight equal parts and the short side is folded into three equal parts.

It is almost square and gives a neat impression. It is recommended for those who want to use it as a handkerchief.

How to Fold Tenugui Towels "Handkerchief-Style Square Folding

<Compact smartphone size>
Finished size : approx. 8.5 cm x 15 cm
Recommended usage: For slim bags such as a sakosh

This is a folding method where the long side is folded into 6 equal parts and the short side is folded into 4 equal parts.

The elongated shape is almost the same size as a smartphone! For when you want to go out empty-handed.

Tenugui towels in rakugo are called "mandara" and are folded in this way. It is an indispensable prop in rakugo, and can be seen as a wallet, a cigarette case, a book, or a letter.

How to Fold Tenugui Towels "Compact Phone Size Version"

This is the folding arrangement version.

Do you have trouble finding a place to put your mask on when you go out to eat? There are special cases for masks, but you can easily make a mask case by simply folding your tenugui towels.

This is easy without sewing! How to make a mask case.

This way, you can have another pocket on the back side for a spare mask or tissues.

Have you found the way you like to fold it?