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How to use tenugui towels : Let's go out with tenugui towels!

Do you like to travel?

If you like to travel, we would like to recommend tenugui towels to you! Many of you may be planning to go away for the first time in a while. As you prepare the things you will need to enjoy this and that, you may find that your luggage tends to increase. In this issue, we would like to introduce some useful ways to use tenugui towels on your trip.

Long stay version (4 nights 5 days)

When there are no restrictions on activities, more and more people are enjoying international travel after a long absence.Tenugui towels are a "nice to have" item. Let's carry two or three non-bulky tenugui towels in your bag for your trip!

Luggage Markers

Some of you may have trouble distinguishing between suitcases with many similar designs. This is where tenugui towels come in. Tie a tenugui towel with a conspicuous pattern around the handle to serve as a landmark.

Sunglasses wipes

Sunglasses are a necessity for outdoor activities and other places with strong sunlight. With a tenugui towel, sunglasses, and glasses can be quickly wiped clean.

Organizing articles

Once you arrive at your accommodation, organize your luggage.Organize the cosmetic tools and other items you brought with you on a tenugui towel to keep them neat and uncluttered.

Pillow cover

You can't sleep if you change your pillow... There must be some of you out there who can't sleep if you have to change your pillow. Why not use your favorite tenugui towel as a pillowcase? Spray some relaxing aroma oil or other aroma oil on it and enjoy a relaxing time of rest.


There are plenty of sweets and canned goods in wonderful packages overseas! However, the cute souvenirs you buy on your trip may be in different shapes and sizes, making them bulky. If you wrap them all up in one package, they become compact and easy to carry around. Tenugui towels are also useful as packing tools.It can also be used in many other ways, such as draped over your shoulder when you are cold on an airplane. Let's take a tenugui towel with you when you go out.

 Short-stay version (1 night/2 days)

When taking a short trip for one or two nights, you want to reduce your carry-on luggage as much as possible, and that's where the tenugui towel comes in handy. Tenugui towels, which serve multiple functions in a single piece, are an essential item to minimize your luggage!

To avoid rain and insects.

If it suddenly starts raining lightly while traveling, quickly cover yourself with a tenugui towel to ward off the rain. Spraying herbs with an insect repellent effect, such as Japanese peppermint, will help to repel insects.


Tenugui towels are useful as both sunshades and sweatshades. 
Enjoy a fashionable neck with an instant scarf!

Organizing a change of clothes

Wrap your clothes and underwear in tenugui towels and you can quickly turn them into clothes storage. You can put them together by day, or you can compress them by wrapping the whole tenugui towel around it! It can be carried in the shape of your bag or backpack.


A feast at a place you visit is one of the most special pleasures of travel. However, when eating noodles such as soba or udon, you may worry about splashing dewdrops. If you use a tenugui towel as a front hanging, you don't have to worry about that.

Hot spring

Tenugui towels are in their element! By all means, take it to a hot spring. We recommend that you bring a tenugui towel to a hot spring resort on a white background that will not fade easily. Depending on the quality of the hot spring water, the color may easily fade, so it is best to use a tenugui that has been used for a long time so that the color has become more familiar. If you have two of them, they can be used as bath towels, and if you go back to your room to dry them, they will be dry by the next morning and can be used again the next day.

Oops! One word of caution here. In Japan, towels and tenugui towels are not allowed in hot springs!

Local Tenugui Towel Collection

If you find a tenugui towel that is only available in a particular area while traveling, be sure to buy one as a souvenir. You can buy several as a memento of your trip, and they are thin and light enough to take home with you.

In this issue, we introduced tenugui towels that can be used for this and that as a travel companion.

Why don't you travel with tenugui towels?