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Season Special : Autumn Design Tenugui Towels and Furoshiki

The dusk is gradually falling earlier and earlier, and the sounds of autumn insects are beginning to be heard.
Although the lingering summer heat continues, we hope you will enjoy the brief autumn scenery with brightly colored autumn tenugui to accent your dining table, rooms, and other surroundings.


Tenugui Towel



This is a reissued tenugui towel with a popular pattern featuring the familiar onsen symbol and the character for "yu" scattered throughout. The design is as refreshing as an old-fashioned onsen yukata, making it the perfect accompaniment to a bath. It will add a nice atmosphere to your after-bath mood.


Floating Duck

This tenugui hand towel features a retro touch of a duck floating in the bathtub. The clean and refreshing pattern makes it a perfect bath companion. It is also a cute piece to wear around your neck after taking a bath or to give to your child.There are eight floating ducks that are a standard in the baths.



Cat's onsen momiji 

Based on a cat that appears in the Edo period ukiyoe "Neko no obuya" (unknown artist), this tenugui towel is designed with various gestures of cats using tenugui towels in the bath.  With warm tones like autumn leaves, colors are recommended for carrying around as a bath companion and for everyday use by cat lovers and austere tastes.


The Bath Noren

This is a unique Noren-style tenugui towel. You can enjoy the feeling of a hot spring bath at home by using it as a blindfold in the bathroom, etc. You can also feel like a banto-san by draping it over your shoulders to prevent the water from getting cold. It also features plants used in the seasonal baths of the 12 months of the year, creating an opportunity to enjoy the seasonal baths.


Camping Gear

These tenugui towels are designed with tools used in camping and outdoor scenes. It depicts mainly kitchen utensils that are easy to incorporate into everyday life. This tenugui towel is not only a gift for outdoor enthusiasts, but also a hint for those who would like to start looking for tools. Tenugui towel is also very useful as a camping tool!



A tenugui hand towel with a design of many small chestnuts in a row. It is a simple pattern, so using it as a table runner will make your autumn dining table even more enjoyable.



This tenugui towel features a design of yuzu, which is valued as a condiment because of its fresh aroma and the color of its pulp. In Japan, it is said that one will not catch a cold if one takes a yuzu bath on the winter solstice. It is recommended as a gift to accompany a trip to a hot spring or to be combined with bath goods.


Fragrant Olive

This tenugui towel features a design of kumquat with lovely orange flowers blooming amidst deeply overgrown leaves. It is also recommended to frame and decorate it or use it as a table runner.


Fluttering Momiji leaves

This tenugui towel is full of the vivid colors of the autumn season. This makes it easy to use in a wide range of ways, such as for dining and drinking to enjoy the taste of autumn, as a snack time for Japanese sweets, and as an accompaniment for mountain climbing and hot spring trips.


Momiji with Mt.Fuji

This tenugui towel shows a beautiful contrast between the vivid colors of the autumn leaves on the mountains and the faint blue of Mt. Fuji in the distance. It evokes the feeling of autumn with a cool breeze.


Black cats

This tenugui towel with a black design is easily recommended for those who want to enjoy Halloween. You can enjoy a sense of the season by incorporating it into your interior or carrying it around in your bag. With its chic design, it can be used not only for Halloween but all year round.


Halloween Party

This tenugui towel design depicts animals from the Birds, Animals, and Caricatures series enjoying Halloween merrily. They are lighting pumpkin lanterns, dressing up in costumes with ghost pumpkins, and even a skeleton peeking in on them... This is a series of tenugui hand towels for birds, animals, and creatures enjoying the seasonal feast.



Pumpkin lanterns are symbol of Halloween, as they are like amulets that keep evil spirits away. Lanterns lit by candlelight create a magical atmosphere.


This small furoshiki cloth is designed with a simple pattern of delicious autumn and winter foods. You can enjoy your usual bento lunch box with seasonal colors. It is also recommended for wrapping when sending food to friends and relatives.


FUROSHIKI Small (Cotton Wrapping Cloth) Chestnut


FUROSHIKI Small (Cotton Wrapping Cloth) Pear


FUROSHIKI Small (Cotton Wrapping Cloth) Grape


FUROSHIKI Small (Cotton Wrapping Cloth) Yuzu


FUROSHIKI Small (Cotton Wrapping Cloth) Sweet Potato


FUROSHIKI Small (Cotton Wrapping Cloth) Pumpkin