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How to use tenugui towels : Here's What You'll Find On Kamawanu's 2023 Holiday Collection

In our country, Japan, there is the word "Omotenashi".

Omotenashi is the spirit of welcoming guests.

It is said that the idea of "Omotenashi" originally spread with the culture of “ Sado” (Japanese tea ceremony).

Omotenashi involves treating guests with respect and ensuring that they have a comfortable and joyful experience. In this column, we will explore methods of hospitality for holiday parties using hand towels, blending traditional Japanese values with a modern touch.

As a wall hanging

By decorating with tenugui towels, you can easily incorporate a sense of the season. It is sometimes difficult to obtain Japanese plants and flowers for a Japanese scene party. Tenugui towels are a useful item for such occasions. Tenugui towels will turn your party into something more special.


As a table runner

Usually, tenugui towels are 90 cm, but we also have a 180 cm item.
This size recommended for round tables or minimal tables that seat about two people.
As well as Tenugui Towel Table Runners can add a chic of color or texture to your table, making it more visually appealing and inviting. 


As a placemat

There are a wide variety of patterns and colors of tenugui towels. 

If the theme of your party is warm colors, we recommend that you choose a hand towel to match and set up your table. They will add a touch of glamour to your table!


As a napkin

If you want to use it as a coordinating accent, napkin also recommended!

Do you feel tenugui towel is tricky to set up because of its rectangular shape? Actually, it is possible to fold napkins in the same way as square napkins, depending on your ideas.


As gift wrapping

Tenugui towels can upgrade a gift to a more personal.
For example, if you wrap a gift for someone who loves cats in a cat-designed tenugui towel, they will be delighted.
No matter how you fail to wrap it repeatedly, it will not get wrinkled like paper.
This is best beautiful ways to wrap gifts using low environmental impact materials.


Now, get ready to celebrate  the holiday season with items from Kamawanu!
Omotenashi is all the key points when the unseen concerns of hospitality. Our tenugui towels can provide you and your loved ones a special moment during the holiday season. Enjoy your holiday party in your own way!