Spring Design Tenugui Towels – KAMAWANU - Japanese Tenugui Towel


Spring Design Tenugui Towels

It is the time of year when green buds appear one by one on the cold roads and the sunlight gradually feels warmer and warmer. The joyous season has arrived. It is the season to feel the colors of spring at the dinner table and to go outside to look for the arrival of spring. Why don't you feel the gentle transition of the warm season, from the greetings of early spring to the peach festival and the blooming of cherry blossoms, by using tenugui  towels?


Sunshine and Shadow Ume Blossoms

The design of this tenugui towel evokes the spring season, with a design of ume plum blossoms on the reverse side peeking out from the gaps between the large ume blossoms. It is also recommended as a room interior, a dining table coordinate for early spring, or as a festive gift.

Setsubun Festival

Setsubun means the turning of the seasons and is a traditional Japanese event that occurs around February 3. On this Setsubun day, many households hold a bean-throwing ceremony. Beans are roasted and scattered around the room while shouting "Oni wa soto, Fuku wa uchi" (Demons out, fortune in)! It is believed that by doing this bean-throwing, evil spirits and misfortunes will be banished and the year will be spend in good health and serenity.

Colorful Dolls' Festival

Doll's Day or Girls' Day (Hinamatsuri) is a traditional Japanese festival celebrated on March 3 each year. It is an event to celebrate the healthy growth and happiness of girls.

Hazy Sakura Blossom

A piece of weeping cherry blossoms illuminated by a dim moon, dyed using the Hosokawa dyeing technique. The gentle, bush-colored gradation reminiscent of a gentle spring breeze accentuates the cherry blossom colors, and the fantastic atmosphere is different from that of cherry blossoms seen in the daytime.

Japanese Umbrella and Sakura

This tenugui towel features a design that evokes a typically Japanese scene, depicting petals of cherry blossoms dancing under a Japanese umbrella. It is dyed in chic monotone colors of green and black, and is recommended for those who like a calm atmosphere.


This tenugui towel features a rhythmic row of tiny and round radishes. The green of the fresh leaves and the red of the radishes look more vivid and lively against the clean bleached surface. This piece can be used as a hand towel, a dish towel, or a blindfold to accentuate your kitchen area.

Fluffy Uguisu

The Japanese bush warbler is also known as the spring-bird, and is considered a bird of good omen that heralds spring (good news). It features soothingly gentle colors and a soft design dyed with the image of Japanese sweets.

Duck Family

In Japan, this is a scene of a family of ducklings moving into a new home, which can be seen in a stream in spring. This heartwarming hand towel expresses the loveliness of the ducklings as they try their best to follow the parent ducklings. The fluffy feathers and waddling movements are depicted with a gentle touch. Please look for the four leaves hidden in the picture.

Fruit Sandwich

Fruit sandwiches are Japanese sandwiches filled with fruit and cream, and are well-loved in Japan. We have drawn a fruit sandwich with fruits such as strawberries, pineapples, and muscats lined up in a tight row. You can enjoy the change in the appearance of the pattern by wrapping bento boxes, jam jars, etc.

The Cats Tea House

Inspired by anthropomorphic cats that appear in ukiyoe woodblock prints, this tenugui hand towel depicts a cat relaxing in a sweet shop. The cats spend their time at the sweet shop, eating dango, carrying tea, drinking sake, and snoozing. Recommended for furriends.


A simple design with cute rows of strawberries. Counting the number of strawberries, 15 (Ichi-Go) are lined up horizontally.