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How-to: Make a Scarf Out of Tenugui Towel 

Tenugui towels have many uses as they are, but you can broaden the range of their uses by adding a few touches. Here are step-by-step how to make hand-sewn accessories using a tenugui towel.

Let's make an easy and convenient snood with tenugui towels! The simple method is to sew tenugui towels into a loop. The sewing method is called "Folded Stitching", which does not produce any cut edges.

How to make a tenugui towel snood

Tenugui towel, 1 piece version
Finished size: approx. 33 cm (width) x 77 cm (diameter)
Time required: about 30 minutes

Tenugui towel, 2 piece version
Finished size: approx. 33 cm (width) x 154 cm (diameter)
Time required: about 1 hour

Tenugui towel of your choice
Sewing needles and hooks
Sewing thread
Chaco pen
Ruler, etc.

(1) Spread out the tenugui towel and iron it. Since one tenugui towel is a little long as it is, mark 11 cm from the edge with a Chaco pen and cut it.

(2) Here is how to make a "fold-down stitch". Stitch the edges of the cloth on top of each other, shifting the edges by 5mm, and fasten them with a hook.

(3) Running Stitch the overlapped area at "1cm from the edge".

(4)Fold the excess 5mm section with an iron. It is convenient to use a ruler made of cardboard at this time.

(5) Open the sewn part and cover the part folded 5mm earlier.

(6) Scoop the covered area and the fabric underneath and do a blind stitch.

(7)The one-sheet version is completed here!

For sunshade and sweat protection. It is not constricting, so there is no suffocation. Just put it on and you're styled. How about adding an accent to your fashion?

One piece tailoring size should be about 70 cm in length around the circumference. Please adjust to your preference.


A "coaster" made from hagiwire is also an added bonus. This one uses leftover fabric cut for neck wraps.

Since two patterns of tenugui towels were used for the snood, the coaster is also made reversible by combining two different patterns on the reverse side. Usually, the coaster is sewn around and turned over, but this time it is made in a simple way without turning it inside out.

 How to make a tenugui towel coaster

Finished size: 9cm x 9cm
Time required: about 20 minutes per piece

(1)Cut a tenugui towel into 11cm x 11cm pieces. 1cm around the tenugui towel is the seam allowance. You can make 3 pieces from the leftover fabric from the "2 snoods version".

(2)Iron a 1cm crease on each of the two diagonal sides. Iron a 1cm crease on each of the remaining two sides.

(3)Combine two pieces of fabric with folds on four sides. By alternately biting the four corners, the two pieces will fit tightly together. The shape is now almost complete!

(4)Fasten with a hook and do a running stitch around 2mm from the edge. Finish by ironing!

This time, we have chosen a 9cm square size, which is easy to use for glasses, but you can use any size you like, such as a café au lait bowl or a soba-no-inokuchi (buckwheat noodle cup), according to the size of the vessel you have. Using tenugui towels for each of the four seasons will add to the enjoyment of each season.

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