Georgia & Kamawanu” bento furoshiki (lunch box) is now available. – KAMAWANU - Japanese Tenugui Towel


Georgia & Kamawanu” bento furoshiki (lunch box) is now available.

Collaboration furoshiki by Georgia and Kamawanu.
Georgia & Kamawanu” bento furoshiki (lunch box) is now available.

Mrs. Anano Sichinava, who posts her daily bento box life on her Instagram account while raising three children, desires to let many people know about Georgia's charm. The furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth) is designed with motifs representing Georgia, such as "grapes," as it is known as the birthplace of wine, as well as Georgian traditional dishes such as "Shqmeruli" and "Khachapuri." Motifs representing Japan, such as "sumo" and "bento," are also designed, creating a design where you can enjoy the cultures of Georgia and Japan.

The 50cm square furoshiki, perfect for wrapping bento boxes, is dyed by artisans using the traditional dyeing technique called "hand printing," which involves hand-dyeing.

This furoshiki is not just for bento boxes. It can wrap fruit, Churchkhela, or even be worn as a stylish bandana. It's a must-have for bento box enthusiasts and those curious about Georgia's culture.


About Georgia

Georgia is a country located at the boundary between Eastern Europe and Asia. It shares borders with four countries to the east, west, south, and north, making it a diverse and culturally rich nation. The capital, Tbilisi, is characterized by its beautiful cobblestone streets and is known as a city once praised by Marco Polo as "beautiful as a painting."


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Now, moving on from discussing the country of Georgia, let me introduce the motifs depicted on the furoshiki.

  • Abanotubani: The natural hot spring district is located in the capital city.
  • Hinkali: Georgian meat dumplings.
  • Acharuli Khachapuri: A hot boat-shaped Khachapuri (cheese bread).
  • Qvevri: A vessel unique to Georgia that is used for wine fermentation.
  • Chokha: Traditional attire worn by men.
  • Georgian Church: Church of the Georgian Orthodox Church.
  • Shkmeruli: Traditional dish made with chicken and garlic.
  • Piala: Traditional bowl used for drinking wine.
  • Saperavi: One of the most popular grape varieties in Georgia.
  • Churchkhela: Candy made with grape juice and nuts.