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New Year Red Tenugui Towels Special

New Year Red Tenugui Towel

The red and white colors are essential in Japan for New Year's Day, when the beginning of the year is celebrated.

The color is called "Kohaku" (red and white) and is considered a color of good luck.
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Sakura Dark Red Tenugui Towel

Cherry blossoms have been loved by the Japanese since ancient times. Not only its beauty, but also its transience when it falls is attractive. Dyed in a soothing dark red, it can be used all year round.

Rabbit Usagi-Chirashi Tenugui Towel

Rabbit has been loved by people because of its adorable appearance. It is also considered to be a pattern of good luck, signifying peace and safety in the home due to its mild-mannered nature.

Lucky Cat Tenugui Towel

It is believed that a cat with its right hand raised invites money and a cat with its left hand raised invites people (guests). The red beckoning cat is meant to ward off bad luck. Around its neck is a koban with  "Ohiri" written on it.

Plum Trees Koh-Haku-Bai Tenugui Towel

In Japan, the red and white color combination is the color used for celebratory occasions. Ume plum blossoms are also loved for their gorgeous fragrance and bloom in the cold winter, and as a flower of good omen.

Camelia Yuki-Tsubaki Tenugui Towel

Camellia flowers have been loved by the Japanese since ancient times. The soft white snow beautifully complements the bright red camellias in bloom.

Crane and Japanese Ume plums Tenugui Towel

The crane and plum tree are symbols of longevity and good fortune. The cranes facing each other in places are symbolic of good relations, and are a wish for a happy and healthy life.

Camelia and heavenly bamboo Tenugui Towel

This pattern features an arrangement of gorgeous red-and-white camellias and nanten, which is a symbol of good fortune that "turns difficulties around". It goes well with Japanese tableware such as lacquered tableware, and is perfect for New Year's arrangements, such as table coordination for the New Year and interior decorations.

Ume-hana-mon red Tenugui Towel

The nostalgic atmosphere of the design, with plump and lovely plum blossoms, makes this tenugui easy to use in daily life.

Nihonbashi Bridge Nihon-Bashi Tenugui Towel

This tenugui is a towel featuring animals from the famous ukiyoe "Scrolls of Frolicking Animals ," which is considered to be the oldest manga in the world. This tenugui cloth combines "The fifty-three stations of the Tokaido, Nihonbashi" with an abacus pattern associated with the merchant town.

Hemp Red Asa-No-Ha Tenugui Towel

Hemp is a fast-growing plant and grows quickly. This is why hemp was used for baby clothes. This pattern was used to wish for the growth of the child.