Tenugui-Towel-Long <Tenugui Towel for Kendo> – KAMAWANU - Japanese Tenugui Towel


Tenugui-Towel-Long <Tenugui Towel for Kendo>

Approximately 98 cm in length, this tenugui towel is especially suitable for kendo. Made of 100% cotton, it is thin but highly absorbent and portable. It is ideal for removing sweat during training and for protecting the Kendo Bogu from perspiration. You would not be able to train kendo without this excellent tenugui towel!


You won't be able to train without it! The relationship between people is called "Goen" in Japanese. En (en means also a circle) was considered to be as valuable as the seven treasures. This pattern is recommended for a wide range of celebrations and gifts.

Tenugui-Towel-Long-Hemp Blue

This pattern is inspired by the fact that hemp is a fast-growing plant and grows quickly, and wishes for a variety of growth.


The name Seigaiha is the name of a Gagaku (ancient Japanese court music) dance piece that was designed into costumes. The pattern of endless waves that come and go is an auspicious pattern that wishes for eternal happiness.


The pine tree, an evergreen tree, has long been revered as an auspicious symbol of longevity and celebration.


Because of its behavior of not moving backward, it is called a "winning insect" among warriors, is used to bring good luck in games, and is often used in armor and other items.


Kamawanu is a pattern used in the store name of Kamawanu. It is a play on the pattern called "hanjimono," which is a combination of the words "sickle," "wheel," and "nu," and was first created in the early Edo period.

Tenugui-Towel-Long-Snake's scales

The name was derived from the alternating triangles, which resemble the scales of a snake. Also, since snakes shed their skins, this pattern has been used since ancient times to ward off evil spirits.


It is one of the most familiar patterns in Japanese culture, with chrysanthemums being utilized as a traditional Chinese herbal medicine symbolizing immortality and longevity.


You would not be able to train kendo without this excellent tenugui towel! We designed iroha-jun variant kana characters in the Kantei-ryu typeface used in Kabuki.


It is also recommended as a gift because of the meaning of the pattern. The snake's eye on the wagasa umbrella is meant to ward off evil.


This check pattern was popular as a men’s kimono pattern in the Edo period (1603 - 1897) for its masculine design and was named “Benkei”, after the famous Japanese warrior A traditional dyeing technique consisting of overlapping vertical and horizontal patterns is used for this item.


Gourds have been considered auspicious since ancient times due to their form expanding out as they get towards the bottom. It has been used as an amulet in Japan.

Tenugui-Towel-Long-Bamboo white

The pattern of a rapidly growing bamboo is one of the auspicious symbols of growth. It is an indispensable plant for milestones and festive occasions.


Eggplant is loved in Japan as a motif of good luck because of its meaning of accomplishing things.


Yagasuri is a pattern made up of a series of arrow feather patterns. It was used as a good omen for weddings since an arrow does not come back after being shot.